Have you been bullied? Fight back with Empathy.


Empathy is the powerful network, everywhere you see examples of people being bullied and those with empathy standing up for them. This update in the Basicozbizinfo networks I came across some very good examples from a Janitor’s son being bullied at an elite school(click here) through to the Homeless people being asked to relocate to make way for a Royal Wedding(click here) and lastly one of the most bravest people in Palestine, 17 yr old Ahed Tamimi who fought for her right to keep her family home in the settlements(click here). I saw amazing people standing up and defending, from Russell Brand through to good people like you and I. Check out some more amazing tweets in the Empathy weekend tweets on Twitter(click here) and the Basicozbizinfo Inspirational and Empathy Posts on Google Plus(click here).

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