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Education builds strong minds and hopeful hearts

character sitting on the top of book's heap

Hump Day Post

Edition 15

Came across a surprise follower on twitter this week, Project Chacocente in Masaya, Nicaragua(South of Mexico). Out of the Dump website is fantastic, promoting their campus for educating children from primary school to high school and adults in vocational classes learning their way out of poverty, with great success stories. They have T shirt fundrasier campaigns and normal donations, the campus was founded by ten families living on a city rubbish dump.

Its clear evidence that persistence in any situation can be overcome, not that you would see much success story like this in traditional media where you are told what to think and no doubt a country with this kind of poverty, would possibly have a worse structure. However lets not focus on the negative and instead lets focus on the empathy, one of the success stories is Chiky, check out the excert pasted from the website below;

When Dona Reyna made the decision to leave her home atop the trash heap at the Managua Dump and move her family to take part in Project Chacocente in 2004, her son,José Francisco Ortiz Soza, (nicknamed “Chiky”) was angry. At age 15, he was quite the rebel! The violent gang he belonged to threatened him if he left. Reluctantly, he joined his mother, sister and brothers in the rural countryside of Masaya but quickly became bored and moved between the dump and Chacocente for several months. Thanks to the perseverance of his mother and the staff, he realized his future could be quite different than the futures of his gang member friends. He began to spend more time at the Project, helping with home construction, farming and attending public school. Since then he has earned his high school diploma, completed a technical course in electricity and earned a certificate for English fluency from the University of Central America. He is employed in Managua in telecommunication and often helps translate for visiting delegations. We are so proud of the strong, determined young man he has become!

How great is that, check out the Out of the dump website and follow them on twitter

Take care and keep the faith 🙂

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Finding your way


Hump Day Post

Edition 14

Finding your way is always difficult at first, then when you set your sights and steady yourself, you are on your way to the destination you have chosen.

When looking for an opportunity to improve your current situation is the same experience. What is it that you are looking for, what type of opportunity would make you happier? Diving off the deep end can give great learning experiences, however knowing yourself and what you want and what is it that makes you happy gives a better sense of achievement.

Would you be happy helping people achieve their weight loss goals, take better care of their skin, find more followers or even a coffee with a bit more kick and taste. These are just a few examples of the thousands of opportunities that are out there in the world web where you can build a life for yourself.

Before you embark upon your new journey of utilizing a great opportunity, ask yourself, who are you and what makes you happy.Check out the Basicozbizinfo catalogues by clicking on the link below.

Take care and keep the faith 🙂

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