A Lifetime to Repair.

South Australian Lighthouse

Real trauma affects our lives long term and it can take a lifetime to repair, good examples are war, family abuse, climate change and poverty. This update there have been some amazing stories shared by followers that can make you sad, angry and inspired. Only yesterday I saw a CNN report on refugees in Syria, the reporter was showing how children in war can re create that world to help them cope, boys still playing with guns after witnessing so much trauma and girls making bunkers to protect their dolls or even ants from bomb raids, these kinds of conflicts take a lifetime to repair. Empathy is the very thing that ties those of us with empathy together, you can see the video in the Weekend Empathy Tweets for 14th April Click here 

Over Easter I saw a great video from Omeleto, story of a hitchhiking teenager going to meet his birth mother, who pretends she isn’t who he is looking for and rejects him, the video shot in New Zealand goes through all the emotions that he experiences and you can empathize with his decision making and he also meets an older stranger with a similar background, you can see the video and many other great inspiring tweets in Easter Empathy Tweets on Twitter Moments Click Here. After last update I signed a petition to ban Gay Conversion Therapy, the trauma that one experiences by changing the biology of who you are causes an absolute the lifetime damage. Check out the twitter moments link for Weekend Empathy Tweets 18th March 2018 Click Here and sign the petition.

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